PhD position in the Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health

Students from any nationality interested in carrying out a PhD project in the Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health, can apply to the recently opened “la Caixa” Foundation Doctoral INPhINIT Fellowships – Incoming.

The Comprehensive Health Research Center (CHRC) is one of the Portuguese research units that has positions within the “la Caixa” Doctoral fellowships programme, and one of these positions is associated to a project carried out at the Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health.

All positions have been published in the position search engine, which is accessible from the tab “How to apply” of this section of “la Caixa” website or here.

To find the project, after accessing the link, go to:
Area of knowledge: Life Sciences Panel
Group of disciplines: Medicine, Public Health (…)
Country of the Center: Portugal
Research Center: CHRC – Centro de Investigação Integrada em Saúde
Project Title: Effects of differences in the organization and delivery of mental health systems on availability and capacity of mental health services.

Please find here more information, as well as a Position Description.